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Synonyms for crystalline

admitting light so that objects beyond can be seen

Synonyms for crystalline

consisting of or containing or of the nature of crystals

distinctly or sharply outlined

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transmitting light

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In the heating curve, the [T.sub.g] was weak and the heat of fusion was 59 J/g, corresponding to a crystallinity of ~50%.
Anything that can alter the energy content in the polymer, such as screw rotation speed or backpressure, can also affect the rate of cooling and therefore the degree of crystallinity.
The objective of this study was to evaluate the effect of thermal treatment on functional groups and the degree of cellulose crystallinity of eucalyptus wood, as well as to propose mechanisms whereby thermal treatment enhances the properties of the wood in our previous work (Cheng et al.
The degree of crystallinity (crystalline ratio) is very important for a polymer material degradation point of view and it is known that the amorphous parts degrade preferably.
All the above mentioned studies reported on one specific process treatment (surface modification) not on the complete processing stages (from grey fabric to finish) to analyse the gradual decreasing or increasing trend of crystallinity which directly relates with the strength of cotton fabric.
Crystallinity Index (Crl) = [([I.sub.002] - []/[I.sub.002]] x 100 ...
For processors, the copolymer grades are attractive because of the lower process temperature associated with lower crystallinity and also a wider process window.
Based on DSC (differential scanning calorimeter) characterization, performed on a Q100 DSC from TA instruments, PHO has a melting peak at 63[degrees]C, crystallinity of 15%,1 and a Tg at -38[degrees]C (first heating scan); there is no melting transition during the second scan.
The crystallinity and preferred orientation of CIGS films were confirmed by X-ray diffraction (XRD) (MiniFlex II, Rigaku).
Obviously, recycling induces deep changes in the material: recycled i-PP exhibits lower viscosity [3], faster crystallization rate, and higher crystallinity and equilibrium melting temperature than those measured for virgin i-PP [4]; elastic modulus and yield stress increase with the number of recycling steps [5]; elongation at break and fracture toughness decrease.
The crystallinity specified as a percentage of the volume of carbon fiber that is crystalline refers to the degree of structural order in carbon fiber precursors.
These materials are very sensitive to the conditions in which they are produced, especially geometry, pressure and cooling rates are known to influence their degree of crystallinity, which in turn strongly affects their mechanical, optical and barrier properties (Rastogi et al., 1991; Apichartpattanasiri et al., 2001; Albano et al., 2003; Pantani et al., 2005; Shepherd et al., 2006; Dusunceli and Colak, in press).
The addition of cobalt and resin systems is said to improve aged adhesion as it delays the crystallinity of the sulfide film Current developments are examining the use of silanes to replace the brass and produce a more environmentally acceptable product.
Those popcorn varieties with the highest degree of crystallinity yielded the fewest unpopped kernels, the Purdue team reports in a forthcoming Biomacromolecules.