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biconvex transparent body situated behind the iris in the eye

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(16); both groups also used the Pentacam but on slightly younger patients (and therefore with potentially thinner crystalline lenses preoperatively) than in our study.
Ultraviolet A is absorbed by the corneal epithelium and nuclear of crystalline lenses. Ultraviolet B can also be absorbed by corneal epithelium and nuclear of crystalline lenses.
Children may be more at risk of the condition due to their clearer crystalline lenses. (33) Following the 1999 solar eclipse, UK hospital eye departments experienced a significant increase in patients presenting with symptoms of the condition.
For many years, the intraocular lenses that were used to replace the body's crystalline lenses clouded by cataracts were made of a harder, more rigid plastic and were designed to give patients renewed clarity in their distance vision.
Ultrasound biomicroscopy (UBM) showed anteriorly displaced small and spheric crystalline lenses and almost 360 degree closed angles (Figure 3).