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(used especially of fruits) preserved by coating with or allowing to absorb sugar

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The Crystalized Collection features colors inspired by stones and has a makeup mantra for each product.
Included in the collection is the Crystalized Photo Finish Primer Water, Crystalized Photo Finish Primerizer, Crystalized Shimmer Drops, Crystalized Gloss Angeles Lip Gloss, Crystalized Highlighter, Crystalized Always On Liquid Eye Shadow, and the Cover Shot: Crystalized Eye Palette.
The Crystalized Always On Liquid Eye Shadow features multidimensional shimmers that last the whole day.
If you just need to boost your everyday look, I recommend that you pick up the Crystalized Photo Finish Primer Water.
Working alone and at night, she was astonished to see blue flashes of light as she scraped the freshly crystalized compound off a piece of filter paper into a bottle.