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Synonyms for crystal clear

Synonyms for crystal clear

transmitting light

(of language) transparently clear

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It also allows you to capture UHD-quality videos, so you can now take part in as many videos as possible with a crystal-clear resolution, rather than just record the world around you from behind the scenes.
'Swathes of golden sand and crystal-clear waters' - Barafundle Bay, Pembrokeshire
From a comprehensive evaluation of how Vladimir Putin's ascension has changed the course of the nation, to extensive charts and references packed with hard data, to diagrams and detailed walkthroughs of the transformations Russian government has undergone, Between Dictatorship and Democracy offers a crystal-clear picture of Russia's turbulent recent past, their changing present, and the possibilities of the future.
Rockenschaub leaves it to the catalogue, a thick package in pink vinyl, to chronicle his twenty-four years as an artist, His midcareer survey, on the contrary, refuses to be exactly that; instead it's a chill-out executed with crystal-clear professionalism--a pathway through artistic praxis, a work that comes to life with the viewer's active perception.
The facade, covering a total of 3300[m.sup.2], acts like a curtain which allows the onlooker to identify the schematic outlines of the game going on behind it, while functioning as a fascinating screen for crystal-clear projection of adverts and films.
Versagel CC is crystal-clear and is based on mineral oil and a patented block copolymer technology.
"For our OEM customers, that means they can deliver a smooth, crystal-clear image without any skipping or jerkiness."
He surveys the cutting edge of such theorizing and imparts the latest relevant scientific results in crystal-clear prose.
An ill-fitting lens can easily scratch the outermost layer of eye tissue, the crystal-clear cornea.
While the property's clubhouse and golfing facilities have been torn down, we have retained virtually all of the magnificent rolling terrain, majestic trees, lush foliage and crystal-clear ponds.
An astonishing diversity of life dwells in the crystal-clear pools that format low tide along America's Pacific coast.
One reader of this column, Dorothy Nesbitt, wrote, "With few exceptions, there is not a crystal-clear vision of dance.
First, it raises in crystal-clear relief a number of issues related to public funding of art.
But he hated to give up the natural beauty of Camp Wayne's crystal-clear, spring-fed lake.
The crystal-clear bonds resist moisture, thermal cycling and exhibit high impact resistance.