crystal set

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an early radio receiver using a crystal detector

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DESIGNED by Ramon Orlina in 2008, the "Margie Moran" necklace is made of hand-cut azure-blue crystal set in silver with blue sapphires and triple leather cord.
The crystal set stirs up miserable memories of 1964, when Second Division Sunderland took George Best, Bobby Charlton and Denis Law to a second replay for a semi-final place.
He savored the growing of his own tomatoes and longed for the day he could once more listen to radio coming from the crystal set he might assemble.
Swarovski crystal set necklace, earrings and bracelet.
He had in mind buying a small crystal set, something he assumed would be inexpensive.
The crystal set era station 6LV began broadcasting on Wednesday, June 11 1924.
Although it was a serious offence to listen to the BBC in occupied Holland during the war, his parents, like many others, regularly tuned in on a crystal set they had hidden in the living-room stove.
Her outfit was completed with a small gold crystal set tiara and a circular bouquet.
AThis little gem of a crystal set was produced in the early 1920s.
These too have an end result which gives a sense of achievement when, for example, lights go on, motors turn, and the crystal set suddenly produces the voice of Bryan Adams ...
Based on these experiences, and some others too painful to relate, it appears to me that PC-based multimedia is in the early catwhisker and crystal set stage.
Colin Liversidge, of Dalton, says his family had a crystal set: "It was a smallish plastic white box with solid headphones.
Request of best offers & proposals for the (a) management of the company's Nile Crystal set of floating restaurants (Onex, Topaz & Turquoise) related birth & cars park at Athar El Nabi, Nile Cornish at the beginning of Mdi Road, also (b) leasing of Scheherazade Floating Hotel at one of Upper Egypt Governorates under two contracts.