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a 3-dimensional geometric arrangement of the atoms or molecules or ions composing a crystal

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However, by selecting solvents with very different properties--and by varying temperature and concentration in the solvent, you increase the chance that the molecules find new ways of arranging themselves in crystal lattices. To demonstrate that the number of experiments does not need to be unlimited in order to get a good representation of the relevant crystal forms, we have tested a "scientifically well-founded" number of experimental conditions on a well-known API: Aciclovir has been reported in literature to have six different polymorphic forms--our screening set-up revealed five of these forms!
Examples of those 3D/VR learning objects or courseware that we have developed (Wang & Yeung, 2001) specifically for training science teachers include: A Problem on Uniform Motion and Acceleration, Basic Optics in 3D, Virtual Reality Crystal Lattices, The Earth and the Moon around the Sun, and Human Skull and interactive 3D molecules of some common chemical or biological substances.
Three-dimensional representations of crystal lattices illustrate crystal axes along the three normal crystal planes.
WM excitons move more rapidly through crystal lattices, resulting in better opto-electronic properties.
The new findings indicate that this sluggish rate stems from a ball-and-chain effect: Traveling charges distort the organic materials' malleable crystal lattices and then have to drag around those distortions.
Mighell, Properties of Crystal Lattices: The Derivative Lattices and their Determination, Acta Cryst.
The challenge has been to get the YBCO, which lacks the laminar structure of BSCCO, to lie down in a uniform sheet that has crystal lattices lined up nearly perfectly in three dimensions from one grain to the next.
These patterns of low and high light intensity serve as templates that mimic the molecular patterns of different crystal lattices. Like theatergoers filling an auditorium, the particles file into the sites of maximum light intensity.