crystal lattice

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a 3-dimensional geometric arrangement of the atoms or molecules or ions composing a crystal

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Instead, bending samarium cobalt caused narrow bands to form inside the crystal lattice, where molecules assumed a free-form "amorphous" configuration instead of the regular, grid-like structure in the rest of the metal.
The spin density wave is a stationary periodic field of electron spin density in the crystal lattice. It is assumed that the HFF on the nucleus of a resonant atom in the mid position in the crystal lattice is proportional to the SDW amplitude in this position.
Struktura i dinamika kristallicheskoy reshetki tverdykh rastvorov na osnove dioksida tsirkoniya [Structure and dynamics of the crystal lattice of solid solutions based on zirconium dioxide].
The use of various elements other than Zn2+, Cr3+, Co2+, Ti4+, Cu2+ and F- is not promoted due to their mostly negative effect on either the crystal lattice or other physico-chemical properties.
However, for diffraction crystal lattice parameter values, where the relative uncertainty of angle measurements is typically a few tens in [10.sup.-8], this discrepancy and the uncertainty of the compressibility coefficient add only minor contributions to the total uncertainty.
Typically, investigation of the stress-strain response of a crystal lattice far from its equilibrium is experimentally hardly accessible.
The incorporation of several ions in the HAP crystal lattice has been observed to affect its crystalline structure, crystal morphology (shape, particle size, and crystal orientation), and physical-chemical properties such as solubility and mechanical properties (hardness), thus affecting the bioactivity of the material (Leventouri 2006).
* Advanced Gemmology 1 provides a grounding in crystallography, including symmetry models and crystal lattice points.
In the respective device the role of diffraction grating (crystal lattice) mentioned in [1] is played by a graphite foil with interatomic spacing a and D as distance between crystalline foil and observational screen.
An inclusion complex is a solid solution in which molecules of one compound occupy places in the crystal lattice of another compound.
Each equiaxed grain has a different orientation of its crystal lattice from its neighbors'.
This happens more for particles with a high-sulfate content because the chromium atoms in these particles are not as well integrated into the crystal lattice.
"Basically we map tiny twists in the crystal lattice", says Moser, describing the search for evidence of major planetary events such as the gigantic meteorite that decimated the dinosaurs some 65 million years ago.
"Absorption of synchrotron radiation at specific wavelengths showed that the energy state of the corresponding electrons and unveiled their hiding place in the crystal lattice. It was found that only about 10 per cent of the expected electrons are free to migrate to the interface of the two materials to form a conduction band.
Compared with A, the dope of Mo made the diffraction angle of the (101) peak of P25 shift from a certain angle to a higher angle, which indicated that the addition of Mo could induce crystal lattice defects of P25.