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a glass or crystal globe used in crystal gazing by fortunetellers

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Tools of an evil trade: The crucifix, a pack of John Waddington playing cards and one of the crystal balls used to 'remove' the fake curse.
I look into my own crystal ball, and see trouble ahead.
To quote the rock band Black Eyed Peas, "Let's get it started." Here's what members of the industry said they see in their crystal balls for 2005:
BOXER Mike Tyson was involved in a heated confrontation in a Cuban hotel, throwing crystal balls at reporters and punching a cameraman on the back of the head.
Predicting the future is hazardous duty, but we reached out to a team of well-positioned individuals to take out their crystal balls. They gamely came up with an assortment of scenarios for the future.
Only at Bloomingdale's." Sales of the crystal balls began that day.
Brokers looked into their crystal balls and saw guess what?
Instead of "Pundit Watch" this column should be called "Soothsayer Watch." Each week, in the face of some of the most morally bankrupt and socially destructive legislative proposals of the century, the "pundits" look not at current events, but into tea leaves, crystal balls, and their own palms to predict what will happen next summer or next year.
There needn't actually be crystal balls, there need only reasonably seem to be.
Yet that goal is at best decades away, and issues such as technology transfer can becloud even the most sensitive of crystal balls over such a distance.