crystal ball

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a glass or crystal globe used in crystal gazing by fortunetellers

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Our crystal ball predicts multiplied millions will be poured into all kinds of events and those who know what they are doing will laugh all the way to the bank.
Delivering his verdict, Mr Goodman added: "Retrospective use of a crystal ball is a concept I struggled at the time to understand.
Each year, the Crystal Ball attracts hundreds of leaders from the community, academic institutions, government, health care industry and biotech executives.
Hours before the giant crystal ball was to drop at midnight, bomb-sniffing dogs and counter-terrorism units joined uniformed officers posted on the streets around Times Square.
Since our crystal ball appears to be in tiptop working condition this time of year, we're making other hopefully "educated" guesses that could also come to pass:
One looks at one's crystal ball Of older and grayer times One
Peters the Jeweller - a massive crystal ball. The banner above it in the window promised: "See Your Future HERE in a Crystal Ball!
It will be hard to conclude whether we should trust the towards of Matthew Nimetz that the positions of both sides are becoming clear without a crystal ball or if the mediator only continues to skillfully perform his mediating task: to be an optimist, Ivana Kostovska analyzes for Dnevnik.
Over one million revelers flooded the Times Square in New York Monday night to watch the famous crystal ball drop as part of the New Year's Eve 2013 celebration.
No one can say for sure unless they have a crystal ball.
Qatar is planning to build a massive rotating crystal ball to match with the world's best architectural marvels, a report said.
MY crystal ball is telling me that the plan to reduce the benefit by 10% of someone who has not found a job after a year will be dropped.
The Secret Society of the Pink Crystal Ball. Sourcebooks, 2010.