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the science of analyzing and deciphering codes and ciphers and cryptograms

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Reportedly, IdenTrust provides advanced cryptology systems, recognised by global financial institutions, government agencies and corporations around the world.
There have been plenty of 'light reading' books covering the history and mechanics of cryptology - this isn't one of them.
Cryptology represents an increasingly important discipline of our time.
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Government security standards around cryptology are of necessity extremely high.
The app allows users to make and send real-time, end-to-end encrypted voice and text messages using the very best in cryptology, key management and information security techniques.
Two shops on the School of Mines and Technology campus, 25 miles from Mount Rushmore, are experimenting with a futuristic science called Biocryptology- a mix of biometrics (using physical traits for identification) and cryptology (the study of encoding private information).
SafeNet is indeed at the forefront of cryptology and IT security, a critical piece of the IT industry.