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the science of analyzing and deciphering codes and ciphers and cryptograms

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General Hiroshi Oshima had no clue that in 1940, Allied cryptologists had cracked the Japanese cipher, codenamed PURPLE, or that in November 1943 they read his detailed description of the Nazis' Atlantic defences.
Cryptologist Frank Rowlett and his team from the army's Signal Intelligence Service (an NSA forerunner) broke Red, Japan's diplomatic code, in the 1930s.
Each of these heart-wrenching stories give witness to the dangers cryptologists face to keep one step ahead of the enemy.
Following painstaking research by the world's leading cryptologists, the FBI have worked out how to crack an iPhone.
To create these complex ciphers, cryptologists use a "key".
For years, cryptologists and national security experts have been warning against weakening encryption.
The budding cryptologists will enjoy decoding the messages.
Stealth Grid has a world class team of senior managers, cryptologists, developers, coders, engineers and testers to tailor, customize and engineer state of the art security products using the Stealth Grid technology.
It provides close examination of the groundbreaking works of cryptologists and considers specific algorithms and their functions, and it provides charts, graphs and calculations to show exactly how cryptology works.
Cryptologists believe the effort to subvert encryption and other means to achieve anonymity, privacy and security on the Internet also makes the US and the rest of the world less safe online, the report added.
The second section focuses on three occupations that use math: cryptologists, health data analysts, and math teachers.
By mid-1942, OP-20-G cryptologists were finally able to anticipate the Japanese Imperial Fleet's moves.
Since the advent of the Internet and the demand for intelligence on Al-Qaeda after 9/11, the NSA has steadily grown in importance, hiring tens of thousands of contractors -- like Snowden -- to manage extensive operations that require cryptologists, linguists, electrical engineers and other technicians.
Robert Harris' 1996 novel Enigma is set against the backdrop of the Second World War project at Bletchley Park and cryptologists working to read Enigma.
New classes of codes for cryptologists and computer scientists.