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of or relating to cryptanalysis

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Release date- 09082019 - Wayland Group (CSE:WAYL) ('Wayland') and Cryptologic Corp.
John Kennedy FitzGerald, President and CEO, stated: "Our new name, Cryptologic, better represents our business and where we are as an intelligent and experienced miner.
Specifically, terrestrial layer SIGINT collection will typically exceed the assigned cryptologic linguist capacity at a BCT The cryptologic support team provides SIGINT technical control, tasking, and analysis to support up to four multifunction teams.
Opened to the public in 1993 in a former motel that was too close to the NSA campus for comfort, the National Cryptologic Museum is as out-in-the-open as it gets for cryptology, the study of secret codes.
The course, titled "Latin American Futures Project" and offered through the Strategic Intelligence National Intelligence Officer Council and National Cryptologic School, promised to "analyze potential developments in the Andean region and Brazil over the next five years along with their implications for US interests in the region."
Prior to his FBI experience, Boles served for five years as a Cryptologic Technician for the United States Navy where he operated radio intercepts aboard surface and subsurface combatants.
From original Enigma machines to an exhibit on the Soviet attempt to steal the Manhattan Project's secrets to a replica "cypher wheel" designed by Thomas Jefferson, the National Cryptologic Museum offers a surprisingly meaty assortment of cryptography artifacts.
Unique career in mathematics: cryptologic technician
According to Cnet, more than 50 big names, including former chief technologists for the Federal Trade Commission, Edward Felten, Bellovin, director of the International Association for Cryptologic Research, Shai Halevi and researchers from MIT, Georgia Tech, Carnegie-Mellon, Princeton, Yale, Harvard, and a raft of other respected universities have signed the letter.
Cryptool, on the other hand, provides higher level interaction with cryptologic components.
The NCOs that fill our first two cyber-focused MOSs--25D Cyber Network Defenders and 35Q Cryptologic Network Warfare Specialists--must use the skills and expertise they are developing to train the future cyber Soldiers that will fill their formations.
The company recently signed a three-year licensing agreement to provide casino games to Betfair, while this summer CryptoLogic extended a longterm relationship with Ladbrokes with a new deal on branded casino games.
Most sought after will be interpreters and translators, divers, cryptologic linguists, medical laboratory specialists and explosive ordnance disposal specialists, who can receive enlistment bonuses of up to $3,500 and re-enlistment bonuses of about $7,500.
A miscellaneous section looks at magnetic, cryptologic, and computer surveillance.
He was a member of the Naval Cryptologic Veterans Association.
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