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of or relating to a cryptogam


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Rust Fungi (Uredinales) of Pakistan collected in 1991," Cryptogamic Flora of Pakistan, Nat.
Effects of grazing on cryptogamic crusts in pinyon-juniper woodlands in Grand Canyon National Park.
Selected List of Books Purchased, 1874 Homer's Iliad Dante, The Divine Comedy Words and Their Uses Cooke's Chemistry Modern Spiritualism Alfred Lloyd Tennyson, Poems Charles Dickens, The Mystery of Edwin Drood Giovanni Boccaccio, Decameron Practical Floriculture Torcuato Tasso, Jerusalem Delivered Principles of Science Cryptogamic Botany Emily Bronte's, Wuthering Heights Harbinger of Health Nathaniel Hawthorne, The Scarlet Letter Genesis of the New England Churches Henry Wadsworth Longfellow, Poems Key to North American Birds Sir Walter Scott, The Waverly Novels (complete) Annual Cyclopedia Biographia Liter aria Dictionary of Old English Poetic Quotations George Rawlinson, Herodotus Aristophanes 'Comedies Edward Bulwer-Lytton, Novels (complete)
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Fluorescence emission spectra of desiccation-tolerant cryptogamic plants during a rehydration-desiccation cycle.
Most Cryptocephalinae larvae appear in leaf litter, feeding on decaying plants, or upon cryptogamic plants growing on stones (Erber, 1988).
Fungi Foray, Dawyck Botanic Garden, near Peebles September 25 Find out more about fungi and explore the world's first Cryptogamic Sanctuary at this lovely Scottish Borders garden.
Influence of cryptogamic crusts on moisture relationships of soils in Navajo National Monument, Arizona.
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The development of soil and cryptogamic crusts on the surface of stabilized dunes enhanced the colonization and establishment of herbs due to increasing water availability, clay and silt content and soil nutrients (Li et al, 2007).
Ecological studies of the colonisation process could add to our understanding of how spore reproducing lichens colonise surfaces already covered by cryptogamic swards.
Surface cover was further classified on the micro-flats and micro-depressions as either bare soil, cryptogamic crust or litter (including dung) to the nearest millimetre.
Reynaud PA, Lumpkin TA (1988) Microalgae of the Lanzhou (China) cryptogamic crust.
Sentences like this one--though my favorite in all economics--might possibly help explain why he didn't quite get through: "If we are getting restless under the taxonomy of a monocotyledonous wage doctrine and a cryptogamic theory of interest, with involute, loculicidal, tomentous and moniliform variants, what is the cytoplasm, centrosome or karyokinetic process to which we may turn, and in which we may find surcease from the metaphysics of normality and controlling principles?