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Synonyms for cryptocoryne

any plant of the genus Cryptocoryne

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An efficient in vitroplantlet regeneration of Cryptocoryne wendtii and Cryptocoryne becketti through shoot tip culture.
2002 Cryptocoryne yujii Bastmeijer (Araceae): eine neue Art aus Sarawak.
Jacobsen 2005 A new species of Cryptocoryne (Araceae) from Borneo.
2006 Cryptocoryne fusca De Wit (Araceae), a new record for Sarawak.
For both experiments, the bottom of each 10 liter tank was covered with 3cm of small gravel (grain size # 2mm), and ten one-leaf plants (Cryptocoryne sp.) were put in a row in the front part of the tank, so that the spiders had the opportunity to build a diving bell between two plants or between one plant and the glass wall of the tank.