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a state in which an animal's metabolic activities come to a reversible standstill

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Studies have attributed some of these amazing powers to the tardigrades' ability to practice forms of cryptobiosis - a state in which metabolic activity is severely slowed down.
This rare crustacean lives in ephemeral ponds, and can undergo cryptobiosis, a state of torpor that allows it to wait out inhospitable drought conditions--for up to 15 years--until it finds itself in a puddle again.
Fans of Bou Khaled's work will be happy to hear that "Alice" follows on from the playwright's previous collaborations with Baydoun, the 2006 "Cryptobiosis" and "Vessels," which the pair produced in Sweden and performed in Beirut in early 2011.
Generally, during salinity, nematode numbers do not change since they have a survival strategy against osmotic potential, referred to as osmobiosis under the auspices of cryptobiosis (Mashela, 2007).