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decoder skilled in the analysis of codes and cryptograms

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Binney, a veteran US government cryptanalyst was commenting on Microsoft President and Chief Legal Officer Brad Smith's comments on Sunday when he accused the NSA for its role in weaponizing a weakness in Windows which was then stolen by hackers and used in history's largest ransomware attack.
See HERVIE HAUFLER, CODEBREAKERS' VICTORY: HOW THE ALLIED CRYPTOGRAPHERS WON WORLD WAR II 66-67 (2014) (summarizing how cryptanalysts from Germany and Britain deciphered codes during World War II).
Then, the cryptanalyst uses this information as a possible secret key and tries to decrypt other cryptograms that probably were encrypted with that secret key.
Turing's relationship with John Cairncross (Allen Leech), a Soviet spy hiding as a cryptanalyst at Bletchley, makes this abundantly obvious.
Due to Rochefort's expertise as a Japanese linguist, intelligence analyst, and cryptanalyst, he was hand-picked by Safford for the position of Officer-in-Charge (OIC) at Pearl Harbor's Station Hypo, code name for the Combat Intelligence Unit and the administrative headquarters of the 14th Naval District.
image encryption methods have several loopholes and are subjected to extensive attacks by expert cryptanalyst. Thorough study and analysis between these techniques are needed to measure the performance and to choose the better one for the intended application [1].
Alan Turing, a mathematician and cryptanalyst, who helped break the Nazis' Enigma code in the Second World War, had the condition.
The risk of compromising Magic continued throughout the war (for a discussion of an instance in which the report of the Roberts Commission could have revealed the secret of Magic to an alert Japanese intelligence expert or cryptanalyst, see Paul S.
Alan Mathison Turing (1912-1954) was an English mathematician, logician, cryptanalyst, and computer scientist.
There are no known mathematical cryptanalysis methods which can decrypt standard cryptographic algorithms like AES in a reasonable amount of time and space, assuming that the cryptanalyst has access to both plain text and encrypted messages.
The book trace Rochefort's life from a childhood of an iterant Irishman to the pinnacle of a career as a cryptanalyst providing ADM Nimitz with the vital information that allowed him to place his limited resources advantageously to counter the Japanese attempt to take Midway.
Other job titles for cryptologists include cryptanalyst and cryptographer.
During the Second World War, while working as a cryptanalyst for the Department of National Defence, he completed his MA and PhD in French at the University of Ottawa.
The team's other retirees include a chemist, a cop, a Boeing machinist, a cryptanalyst from the National Security Agency, and an officer from the nuclear-powered sub Nautilus.