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the science of analyzing and deciphering codes and ciphers and cryptograms

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The SIS, which would become the Signal Security Agency (SSA) in 1943, began schooling enlisted personnel in cryptanalysis in July 1940 at Fort Monmouth, New Jersey.
Good nonlinearity characteristics indicate that the cipher is expected to be safe against linear cryptanalysis and also from algebraic attacks.
Employing NP-hard problem such as SVP in stream cipher will strengthen the security of the generated keystream against cryptanalysis attacks, since there is no known method that can solve NP-hard problems in polynomial time.
5) Many have said, correctly, that to win the Americans needed intelligence from cryptanalysis, astute leadership, great courage among the aviators, and just plain luck.
the expert in cryptanalysis, has introduceds a new evidence discovery solution for Windows Vista, XP, and Server 2003.
Studying the world wars leads me to the conclusion that some intelligence sources are in fact strategic--namely, those based on cryptanalysis and electronic exploits.
Chewning recently transferred to the FBI Laboratory's Cryptanalysis and Racketeering Records Unit.
Several Maplets have been successfully implemented by students in the Honors Academy course involving cryptography to encipher, decipher, and cryptanalyze messages (note that cryptanalysis is the process of an enemy trying to intercept and break an encrypted conversation between two correspondents).
The "CLEFIA" cipher is meticulously designed to concentrate state-of-the-art cryptanalysis techniques and achieve sufficient immunity against known cryptanalytic attacks.
Chemistry, Cryptanalysis, DNA, Firearms-Tool marks, Latent Prints, Questioned Documents, and Trace Evidence may all receive items of evidence from the same case.
According to Professor Ronald Rivest of MIT who has extensive experience in cryptographic design and cryptanalysis, "The report will be invaluable for any election official grappling with electronic security .
The world of online chess, which offers big rewards to contest winners, presents a potentially lucrative target for unscrupulous players with hacking skills and some knowledge of cryptanalysis.
A careful cryptanalysis of several products reveals flaws in the implementations that allow attackers to discover the password used to encrypt the files.
An experiment was constructed to test cryptanalysis ability of high school students on simple ciphers.
1} Of all the various forms of intelligence gathering, signals intelligence (1) and cryptanalysis are the forms which have created the most interest among modern historians.