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Synonyms for crypt

Synonyms for crypt

a burial place or receptacle for human remains

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a cellar or vault or underground burial chamber (especially beneath a church)

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At the most remote end of the crypt there appeared another less spacious.
'And if it's bitter cold for you, up in the chancel, with a lot of live breath smoking out about you, what the bitterness is to Durdles, down in the crypt among the earthy damps there, and the dead breath of the old 'uns,' returns that individual, 'Durdles leaves you to judge.--Is this to be put in hand at once, Mr.
"If you can make a light I am sure you will find an old lamp here in the crypt, and then will it be less fearsome.
What stirred in the brain crypts of Borckman's heredity, stirred in the brain- crypts of Jerry's heredity.
For many thousands of generations he had been away from it; yet, deep down in the crypts of being, tied about and wrapped up in every muscle and nerve of him, was the indelible record of the days in the wild when dim ancestors had run with the pack and at the same time developed the pack and themselves.
She did not have the expert's eye for the depth of chest, the wide nostrils, the recuperative lungs, and the muscles under their satin sheaths-- crypts of energy wherein lurked the chemistry of destruction.
"When you are near me I have feelings similar to those produced by dank warehouses, gloomy crypts, and deep mines.
But in the midst of our play I felt a sudden cold chill, reminding me of deep mines and gloomy crypts, such a chill as I had experienced that very morning.
And when I would come upon my father, seated at table in these subterranean crypts, gambling with Chinese for great stakes of gold, all my outrage gave vent in the vilest cursing.
Possessed of more than a cursory knowledge of astronomy, he took a sick man's pleasure in speculating as to the dwellers on the unseen worlds of those incredibly remote suns, to haunt whose houses of light, life came forth, a shy visitant, from the rayless crypts of matter.
Albeit we found enhanced mitotic crypt index 6 days-following 5-FU-injection, this effect was not significantly different compared to the unchallenged controls both in the wild-type and [APOE.sup.(-/-)] mice.
An independent content distributor, Cinedigm (NASDAQ:CIDM) revealed on Friday that it signed a partnership with the new subscription based digital streaming service, THE CRYPT ( based on horror films.
TURKISH soldiers have evacuated dozens of besieged troops guarding an Ottoman tomb in Syria, moving the crypt back into Turkey.
Villus height and crypt depth were measured at 40x magnification using a microscope (Olympus CK40; Olympus Optical Company, Shenzhen, China).
A team of archaeologists and anthropologists decided to start excavations at the site after identifying what they believe are three unrecorded and unidentified graves in the chapel's crypt.