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the use of extreme cold (usually liquid nitrogen) to destroy unwanted tissue (warts or cataracts or skin cancers)

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Cryosurgical products company CryoConcepts LP revealed on Wednesday the receipt of the US FDA's clearance for two new, patent pending, cryosurgical devices, CryoTouch and CryoLab, for the physician's office market.
Caption: Figure 3: Clinical picture showing the response for the treatment after additional two more cryosurgical sessions that were performed at an interval of 1 month
Outcome of concomitant Cox-maze III procedure using an argon-based cryosurgical system: a single-center experience with 250 patients.
Surgical options are electrocautery of inferior turbinates, [2] Submucosal Diathermy (SMD), [3] cryosurgical reduction, [4] Laser surgery, [5] radiofrequency tissue ablation, [6,7] partial inferior turbinectomy (PIT), [8] Inferior Turbinate Bone Resection (ITBR), [9] etc.
The C2 CryoBalloon Ablation System is intended for use as a cryosurgical tool in the field of general surgery, specifically for endoscopic applications, to include ablation of Barrett's Esophagus with dysplasia.
To the best of our knowledge there is no literature available yet on costs of cryosurgical treatment.
Koch, "Cryosurgical treatment of genuine trigeminal neuralgia," British Journal of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery, vol.
Although reports of the use of ice for therapeutic purposes date back to about 3000 BC [4, 5], it was only in the mid-1960s that the basic features of cryosurgical technique, that is, rapid freezing, slow thawing, and repetition of the freeze-thaw cycle, were established [6].
Suzuki, "Cryosurgical treatment of advanced breast cancer and cryoimmunological responses," Skin Cancer, vol.
The cryosurgical equipment operates by the Joule-Thomson effect, where compressed gas released at high flow rapidly expands and creates a very low temperature.
Another procedure offered at Fuda Cancer Hospital is argon-helium knife cryosurgery (cryosurgical ablation) for breast cancer, a minimally invasive procedure that uses minus 150-degree Centigrade super-freeze to destroy the tumor, prevent it from spreading, and allow patients to return to normal activity a few days after the treatment.
In sections on surgical management, shoulder girdle and upper extremities, spine and pelvis, and lower extremities, they consider such topics as cryosurgical ablation of bone tumors, total scapular resections with endoprosthetic reconstruction, hip disarticulation and creating an above-knee amputation stump after hip disarticulation, using free vascularlized fibular grafts for reconstructing segmental bone defects, and the surgical management of metastatic bone disease: femoral lesions.
Joyce, "Cryosurgical treatment of tumors of horses and cattle," Journal of American Veterinary Medicine Association, vol.