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a thermostat that operates at very low temperatures

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A Stirling refrigerator is employed as the controllable cryostat. Compared with a traditional conductor antenna with the same configuration, the HTS antenna array has high radiation efficiency.
We store up to six patients inside each Cryostat and they are suspended upside down on boards, wrapped in everyday normal sleeping bags.
The cryostat market is expected to reach USD 2.90 billion by 2022 at a CAGR of 6% between 2016 and 2022.
The Thermo Scientific HM525 NX is a routine clinical cryostat that has 27 cooled specimen positions, including 4 fast freeze positions, allowing a high degree of flexibility when managing specimens.
We have designed a modular instrument composed of two cryostats built from ultrapure electroformed copper, with each cryostat capable of housing over 20 kg of P-PC detectors.
At launch, the cryostat was filled to the brim with over 2300 litres of liquid helium, weighing 335 kg, for 3.5 years of operations in space.
In the research and clinical research environments, cryosectioning equipment poses unique challenges to user comfort due to the long hours spent at the cryostat. Users are generally required to stand in front of the cryostat for extended periods preparing samples and mounting frozen sections on slides.
Among the aspects he discusses are tissue fixation for light microscopy, rapid tissue processing, cryostat sections, accelerated demineralization, antigen retrieval, applications in molecular analyses, and chemical and industrial applications.
Ganglia were collected and sectioned at 10-[micro]m using a cryostat. Immuno-staining was used to identify the protein expression on the two cell types.
Its size and low power draw minimize heat load in the cryostat. Applications are in cooled optics where image quality is improved for cryogenic sensors such as those in hyperspectral imaging.
A liquid-helium cryostat arrived there in August for testing.
Nexans is the cable and cable termination supplier, providing the development engineering and qualification of the cable, cable cryostat and terminations.
The cell is mounted on a [.sup.4]He flow cryostat and allows for neutron transmission and scattering experiments with simultaneous optical access.
The 4-[pi] structure of the JLab CLAS detector applies certain restrictions on a frozen spin polarized target design such as a target cryostat should be quite compact to be inserted inside the detector and all construction walls should be thin to allow secondary particle characteristics to be measured.