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the freezing of a seriously ill or recently deceased person to stop tissues from decomposing

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And I don't think it would be good if cryonics ever did succeed.
"I just googled cryogenics and then eventually came across the term cryonics. Then I found Cryonics UK," Mike explains, absently stroking the ear of the south Asian rescue dog at his side.
She discusses approaches to living longer through healthy lifestyles, restricting calories, exercise, nutritional supplements, predictive genomics, and diet; the different paths to immortality through biotechnology and technology, including miniaturization, nanotechnology, and artificial intelligence; early scientific efforts to create the hope of immortality through cryonics beginning in the 1950s; the role of Silicon Valley billionaires and venture capitalists in funding research; the rise of immortality and life extension organizations and communities; the development of anti-aging and health products and activities; and what individuals might do to increase their prospects for living longer or forever.
For those who are not able to survive until the arrival of radical life-extension technologies, narrow AI may still play an important role by providing two main backup options: cryonics and digital immortality.
The mapping of the magnetic field was performed by a 3D step motor robot system (3-Axis Positioning Table, Arrick Robotics, Tyler, TX, USA), and Lakeshore Model 420 Gaussmeter (LakeShore Cryonics, Westerville, OH, USA) with transverse Hall-probe and a non-metallic positioning system.
The rumor kicked off in 1972 after Bob Nelson, the former president of the Cryonics Society of California, revealed Walt's desire to be frozen. 
For example, in Alberto Moravia's "L'epidemia" (1941; L'epidemia, 1944), the objective narration of an epidemic of pestilent smell coming from people's heads, as well as of the ways proposed to deal with it, is followed by the exemplary clinical history of one of its victims presented as a factual document, with no decisive signs of being a fiction apart from Moravia's literarily sophisticated use of factual language; similarly, Romulus Dinu describes in a factual manner different kinds of apathia following short periods of cryonics, as well as their medical history, in "Boala de decongelare (Apatia criogenetica)" (...
In this sense, all those commodities and services that span from nutraceuticals, pharmaceuticals, ageing medicine and life-extending programmes to include cryonics, for example, can be seen as part of the circuits of contemporary biocapitalism that profits from the relationship consumers have with life(death), and that exploits non-human life/death.
Cryonics UK, based in a garage in Sheffield, said it has "four or five" children on its books and the youngest to ask for its help was seven.
The teenager died in October andnow suspended in freezing nitrogen at cryonics centre in Michigan, US.
Cryonics is a belief that no one is really dead until the information content of the brain is lost and that low temperatures can prevent this.
He said she spent her final months researching cryonics on the Internet.
Cryonics is the practice or technique of deep-freezing the bodies of those who have died of an incurable disease, in the hope of a future cure.