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a liquid that boils at below -160 C and is used as a refrigerant

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For high efficiency, systems must be engineered to apply the desired depth of freeze while optimizing the use of cryogen.
The NIST energy dispersive microcalorimeter spectrometer for x-ray microanalysis used cryogens and an adiabatic demagnetization refrigerator (ADR) to achieve the working temperatures (<100 inK) of the superconducting TES.
Air Products is said to bring to the alliance expertise in the use of cryogens to enhance the cooling and granulating of various heat-sensitive or difficult-to-grind materia]s.
The two common cryosurgical methods are dependent on different cryogens, which are the freezing agents.
The system is convenient and robust to use, with low running costs as no cryogens are required, and are virtually maintenance-free.
Instead of relying on liquid cryogens, such as liquid helium or nitrogen, these cryostats cool their payload in two stages, first using an acoustic refrigeration technique to get to within a few degrees of absolute zero, then employing magnetic refrigeration to reach the final temperature--all with no moving parts.
In total there will be 31 "Feeders" relaying the electrical power and cryogens through the warm-cold barrier to the ITER magnets.
Blending functions include adding fat, water and/or spices to sausage mixes; working brine or marinade throughout whole-muscle tissue; extracting protein for coating or binding; and adding cryogens to cool ground meat and poultry to proper forming temperature.
As expected, particle reduction by liquid cryogens is very dependent on heat transfer and maintaining a very constant, low isotherm condition during the intense material reduction mechanisms encountered with cryogenic grinding.