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the branch of physics that studies the phenomena that occur at very low temperatures

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Wessington Cryogenics believes liquefied natural gas (LNG) and helium tanks will become increasingly important areas of growth for the company.
This course will review basic concepts, including thermodynamic principles such as heat capacity, enthalpy and entropy, thermodynamic functions and equations of state, deriving thermodynamic properties of cryogenic fluids, as well as information on the properties of cryogenic fluids.
Most commercial interest in cryogenics has come from PET recyclers.
We are pleased to be cooperating with Qualmark and Midwest Cryogenics to provide world class products and services to the growing number of companies utilizing LN2 for accelerated testing applications," stated Len York, President of Taylor-Wharton Cryogenics.
I am very honoured to be awarded the MBE and I would like to share some of the accolade with my father and brother, who have worked so hard to build Wessington Cryogenics into a real success story.
Course objectives are to build a solid foundation in the fundamentals of cryogenics, to encourage a hands-on approach to solving cryogenic problems, to define and demonstrate what's different at low temperatures and to provide up-to-date cryogenic information.
As well as building tanks, Wessington Cryogenics offers a full tank and frame refurbishment program and re-certification service and an on-site vessel repair and testing service.
The lecture material is continually modified to provide the most up-to-date instruction possible for engineers and others working in the cryogenics industry.
OTCBB: BMSN), a biotechnology company focused on stem cell cryogenics and disposable stem cell/tissue transfer instruments, announced today that it has entered into the facility validation process.
13 /PRNewswire/ -- Taylor-Wharton International LLC (TWI) is pleased to announce Len York's appointment as President of Taylor-Wharton Cryogenics LLC (Cryogenics).
Paul Rowe, managing director of Houghton-le-Spring company Wessington Cryogenics, took the Export Achievement Award for breaking into foreign markets with its storage vessels and tanks.
New Cryogenics Division Advances Brehon Energy's Hydrogen Strategy
Wessington Cryogenics, which employs about 50 staff, clinched the deals for liquid nitrogen tanks which will be used to revitalise oil wells in the Middle East and South America.
OTCBB:BMSN), a biotechnology company focused on stem cell cryogenics and disposable stem cell/tissue transfer instruments, announced today that they will be attending the 14th International Congress on Anti-Aging Medicine and Regenerative Biomedical Technologies in Las Vegas from December 7-10, 2006.
today announced the formation of a new division -- Goddard Cryogenics -- and the appointment of John S.