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a liquid that boils at below -160 C and is used as a refrigerant

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CryoLab is a benchtop unit that delivers cryogen for medical practices that perform a high volume of cryosurgery.
Other cooling options include cryogen spray and the application of cold air.
MR Solutions is the only manufacturer to offer both a complete range of cryogen free MRI systems (3T, 4.7T, 7T and 9.4T) and simultaneous or sequential PET and SPECT in combination with their scanners.
MR Solutions has successfully delivered its cryogen free 3T to 7T MRI scanners to leading research centres across the world and has recently launched its new PET modules for PET/MR imaging.
This is yet another world first for MR Solutions who developed the first commercial range of 3T and 7T cryogen free superconducting systems.
Instead, cryogen free magnets simply use a specialised electrical refrigerator.
MR Solutions, which pioneered the cryogen free technology in 2013, is the only company to have delivered this technology to customers across the world.
Design of Air Products' Icefly cryogen delivery equipment and cryogenic machining know-how are part of the agreement.
Freeze is one of Batman's arch-enemies and was last seen in Batman: Arkham City, where he had put his wife Nora into cryogen as a remedy for her illness.
However, the two shortest-wavelength modules of the IRAC camera are still operable with the same sensitivity as before the cryogen was exhausted, and will continue to be used in the Spitzer Warm Mission.
Yield is maximized through direct cryogen injection at the freezer tunnel entrance.
The Polar Wand consists of a portable cryogen-containing unit and a single-use flexible cryogen spray catheter, designed for use with CO2 that is supplied in standard five pound cylinders.
However, It is highly innovative in offering a system which both provides airflow in the load space, which is essential for fresh produce, and exhausts the cryogen outside the load space.