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the branch of biology that studies the effects of low temperatures on living tissues or organs or organisms

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Cryobiologists at 21st Century Medicine have recently made significant progress in kidney cryopreservation by making new refinements in their cryopreservation protocols.
Cryobiologists have had some success in freezing, thawing and reviving some kinds of cells and tissues.
Even some of the cryobiologists trying to deep-freeze single cells and whole organs think that cryonics is moving too fast.
The ability to freeze and thaw organs and tissues withoutdamage has been a longtime goal of cryobiologists. Researchers have cryopreserved relatively simple tissues such as skin, but they are still far from storing organs at freezing temperatures.
Cryobiologists have long known that many insects and some frogs are equipped with compounds that protect them against the damaging effects of freezing.