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Synonyms for crybaby

a person who lacks confidence, is irresolute and wishy-washy


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a person given to excessive complaints and crying and whining

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BOOK IT AFTER taking time out to have her first child, Paloma Faith is well and truly back and ruling the airwaves with catchy new single Crybaby.
He doesn't get along with his eccentric aunt or his crybaby little brother, and he doesn't want to learn French.
My favourite is crybaby Matthew Wright, who's shown himself to be the world's worst sore loser after getting thrashed by Joey Essex in three trials.
Each side held dueling May Day marches on Wednesday, with Maduro calling Capriles a "crybaby" who could not accept defeat.
They know who and what is good for business, and it surely isn't the small bands of crybaby protesters who occasionally gather at a Starbucks to discuss the glories of wealth redistribution and the greatness of government."
Quite naturally, 'its 5am and I still can't sleep'(sung like 'crybaby' from 'Rainbow' 99)lol Who's up?
After Cleveland star LeBron James complained about his Wizards opponents' rough play, one Washington player, Brendan Haywood, responded by calling him a crybaby. At the next game, many Washington fans arrived wearing t-shirts that read "CRYBABY" and had the number 23, the same as James' jersey.
PROBABLY the biggest crybaby in the history of sport, Gazza could turn the waterworks on like a tap.
Waters' first film after the death of his muse, Divine, "CryBaby" was a fun parody of Eisenhower-era values but it crucially lacked the larger-than-life heart so often provided by the 350-pound tranny superstar.
CRYBABY Craig looks like being evicted from the Big Brother House on Wednesday, writes Mark Langdon.
We're happy to report that the first Annual Crybaby award for Basketball Inefficiency will never make it to No.
They seriously want to kick out the rock and avoid the crybaby whining, but they also want to have a good time.
Because the Mexico City Cuauhtemoc neighborhood delegate called a merchant from Tepito a crybaby and accused him of causing a scene.
That throw-away has been pounced upon by the American media and now even golfers like Fred Funk and Bob Estes have entered the debate, claiming Monty is a "crybaby".