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Synonyms for crybaby

a person who lacks confidence, is irresolute and wishy-washy


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a person given to excessive complaints and crying and whining

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They're crybabies," Kaine told The Washington Post on Tuesday.
'Let's just say that the president does not consider Filipinos as crybabies. The president recognizes that there have been challenges because of the sudden rise in the prices of crude oil which resulted in the increase in prices of almost all goods,' Roque said in a press briefing at the palace.
Topping the bill, of course, will be The Crybabies, which she plays bass for.
WALLENBERG HAS COME AND GONE--and though there were hands and plenty of crybabies, it was still one of the most radical, hammer-time skate events in the history of 'boarding.
Call them crybabies, but yelling out for mom from inside their eggs could ensure baby crocodiles' survival.
In paying homage to John Terry's tears at his penalty miss and Chelsea's loss in the Champions league final, Inside Sport pays tribute to some great sporting crybabies
Let me voice my dissatisfaction with Oregon basketball: It's with you losers, crybabies and poor sports who expect your team to make the Elite Eight or better every year, or the coach should be fired.
"There is something about the welfare state that produces an entitlement philosophy that makes people the crybabies of the world--economic hypochondria," he said.
So it's best to let the subject go, and pretend that only "crybabies" like Randall Robinson care about this aspect of American history.
Mercer gives simple and effective advice to help you rid your company of the complaining, blaming crybabies that drag down productivity.