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Synonyms for cry

Synonyms for cry

to make inarticulate sounds of grief or pain, usually accompanied by tears

to speak suddenly or sharply, as from surprise or emotion

to speak or say very loudly or with a shout

to make known vigorously the positive features of (a product)

a sudden, sharp utterance

the act of demanding

a rallying term used by proponents of a cause

Synonyms for cry

a loud utterance of emotion (especially when inarticulate)

a slogan used to rally support for a cause

a fit of weeping

proclaim or announce in public


Related Words

demand immediate action

Related Words

utter a characteristic sound

bring into a particular state by crying

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"Never Cry Wolf' star Charles Martin Smith (who also played Toad in "American Graffiti") was so taken with the great white north and the Inuit people that he subsequently bonded with Canadian national treasure Mowat, who in turn gave the actor free rein in choosing a story to direct.
White South Africans, who had a remarkably and necessarily soft landing offered by the transition, are the ones who often cry wolf. Many of them do not always appreciate the fact that South Africa's divided society exists in the frame of a dualistic Third World-First World economy with tightly skewed social characteristics.
MOST amazing thing about sad sit-com CRY WOLF is that it's still being screened.
In order to make detectors that don't cry wolf so often, several groups of researchers are focusing on the essential difference between benign objects and deadly mines: the presence of explosives.
Hansen has since come under criticism from certain scientific colleagues and some in the media, such as a Neu, York Times editorial writer who speculated about "Crying Wolf in the Greenhouse." To which Hansen responds: "When is the proper time to cry wolf? Must we wait until the prey-in this case the world's environment-is mangled by the wolf's grip?"
"If players and if people cry wolf too many times, then there is a possibility that maybe we will not react in the way we need to," said Webb.
CML director-general Michael Coogan said: "While we don't want to cry wolf, it seems obvious the prognosis is far from a healthy all-clear."
A country that remembers the Cold War and IRA bombing campaigns will not be easily spooked and Mr Brown must not cry wolf.
The film's concept is hardly original any more having inspired more recent releases like Breakdown, Dead End and Cry Wolf.
Cornwall's Kneehigh Theatre Company burst on to the Warwick Arts Centre stage with Cry Wolf, and meld music with physical theatre in the tradition of Spanish poet Federico Garcia Lorca's 1920s travelling company.