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Synonyms for cry

Synonyms for cry

to make inarticulate sounds of grief or pain, usually accompanied by tears

to speak suddenly or sharply, as from surprise or emotion

to speak or say very loudly or with a shout

to make known vigorously the positive features of (a product)

a sudden, sharp utterance

the act of demanding

a rallying term used by proponents of a cause

Synonyms for cry

a loud utterance of emotion (especially when inarticulate)

a slogan used to rally support for a cause

a fit of weeping

proclaim or announce in public


Related Words

demand immediate action

Related Words

utter a characteristic sound

bring into a particular state by crying

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``I'd planned to be there and I spoke to Sam (Hammam) telling him I would be, but now I've had to cry off because of a presentation in Leicester.
The five-year-old was due to be ridden by Paul Hanagan, but he had to cry off after cutting his leg in the opening race.
Sutton said last night: "This is not the game to cry off with an injury.
Bell was an original choice against England in the campaign curtain-raiser, but had to cry off with a leg injury.
A source said: "One match official who was listed for the game had to cry off and gave the IFA ample notice.
TOM McLAUGHLIN was a late booking for Crossed Wire after Fran Ferris had to cry off injured, and made the most of his chance ride as he rode the James Eustace-trained filly to a runaway
With his friend Norman Williamson having to cry off from the ride, due to a muscle spasm in his neck, McCarthy proved a very able substitute.
WHENEVER England are in an U-21 summer tournament, players cry off citing injury or tiredness.
The Manchester City striker, who refused to cry off despite suffering from a swollen knee, was rewarded by becoming a target for terrace abuse.