crustal movement

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movement resulting from or causing deformation of the earth's crust

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The Municipality will participate with three projects: Tablet PC Optimization System, Crustal Movements Study, and the implementation of the Sustainable Asphalt Pavement in road projects and rehabilitation of old roads.
A consensus has yet to be reached on matters such as structural properties of the Earth's crust at the QTP's eastern margin and the characteristics of its crustal movements, uplift mechanism of the eastern margin, and the characteristics of activities at the regional fault zones.
Vertical crustal movements are an important research topic used in many fields.
At the contract signing ceremony held on March 27, Li Qiang, director of Crustal Movement Monitoring Research Center of CEA, said, "The cooperation with Topcon on CMONOC project is just the starting point for both sides, we look forward to further strengthening communication and cooperation with Topcon in the future.
Diverse geological structure may suggest, that the vertical crustal movements may occur in the area of Poland.
Nonetheless, if his model pans out, it could change the way geologists think about the tectonics, or crustal movement, of the eastern U.
Data have been used from precise measurements of levelling lines in a polygon 156 to assess the vertical crustal movement.
Hakone, an active volcano in Kanagawa Prefecture, southwest of Tokyo, is showing signs of decreasing crustal movement, after what appeared to be increased movement was recorded during the past few months, the Japan Meteorological Agency said Friday.
The obtained vertical crustal movement velocities are presented in Figure 4.
This lack of crustal movement was the first since 1997, the officials said, adding the pace of ground subsidence at Omaezaki has become slower.
The goal of this paper is to determine the suitability of various interpolation methods for vertical crustal movement.
The agency said the islands could be hit by more quakes with strong tremors in the future as the crustal movement caused by the rise in magma continues.
Such observations may help in predicting the place of eruptions in volcanoes, if data on quakes and crustal movement are examined as well, Notsu said.
Many different methods for the calculation of vertical crustal movements (VCM) from repeated levelling data have been developed (Holdahl 1978; Carrera & Vanicek 1986; Hein 1986).