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Synonyms for crushed

treated so as to have a permanently wrinkled appearance

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subdued or brought low in condition or status

References in classic literature ?
It broke it by backing and then rushing forward against the field, which gradually gave way; and at last, dashing suddenly against it, shot forwards on the ice-field, that crushed beneath its weight.
It doesn't surprise me," said D'Artagnan, in a low tone to Porthos, "that Mazarin would have been much better satisfied had I crushed the life out of his councillor.
Great tails lashed in frenzied anger about us, razor-like talons cut our limbs and bodies, and a green and sticky syrup, such as oozes from a crushed caterpillar, smeared us from head to foot, for every cut and thrust of our longswords brought spurts of this stuff upon us from the severed arteries of the plant men, through which it courses in its sluggish viscidity in lieu of blood.
At this sudden outflame of wrath the two witnesses sank their faces on to their chests, and sat as men crushed.
A few years later that French force became overwhelming, for in 1066 William of Normandy came to our shores, and with his coming it seemed for a time as if the life of English literature was to be crushed out forever.
They then found that the Sawhorse had been badly dazed by the blow; for while the hard wooden knot of which his head was formed could not be crushed by the hammer, both his ears were broken off and he would be unable to hear a sound until some new ones were made for him.
The boat itself was crushed and splintered against the schooner's side as it came inboard; but the wreck was securely lashed, for it could be patched and made whole again.
Wolf Larsen and I, between us, cut off Kerfoot's crushed finger and sewed up the stump.
They don't know how he has crushed my life for eight years, crushed everything that was living in me--he has not once even thought that I'm a live woman who must have love.
Think of the case your intelligence would be making out, day after day, till it crushed you.
I love you too much to live with you for the rest of my life wondering all the time whether you still believed or whether the weight of the evidence had crushed out that tiny little spark of intuition which is all that makes you believe me now.
The crushing section has been hot commissioned with ore and approximately 8,000 tonnes of ore have been crushed.
Tenders are invited for Crushed granite 5-10 mm fraction (lot number 1), crushed granite fraction of 5-20 mm (item number 2), crushed granite fraction 10-20 mm (item number 3), aggregate for concrete fraction 16/31, 5 mm ( Lot number 4), crushed granite fraction 25-60 mm (lot number 5), crushed granite fraction of 20 - 40 mm (lot number 6), elimination of material crushing rocks (lot number 7), crushed dolomite (lot number 8) , mineral powder (lot number 9).
ICD Research's report, Crushed Stone in Asia-Pacific to 2015: Market Guide provides in-depth knowledge of the market trends and drivers of the Crushed Stone market in Asia-Pacific region.
It depends on the type of material crushed and the degree to which water will cause downstream handling problems.