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Gillian Cruse, aged 32, and her sister Kirsty Bowden live 3,470 miles apart and were pleased to learn they were expecting at the same time.
Mrs Cruse was taking a sabbatical from teaching and was temping at the adjacent One World Financial Centre at the time.
Mrs Cruse, who now teaches at a Montessori nursery school in Long Island, said it was a welcome coincidence to be given the same forecast birth date as her sister.
is a pioneering coding and software development company based in Las Cruses, N.
9 /PRNewswire/ -- International business authority Ron Cruse has published Lies, Bribes and Peril: Lessons for the Real Challenges of International Business, the quintessential guide to success in the global marketplace.
From Russia to Zimbabwe, from Pakistan to Nigeria, and from Germany to Afghanistan, Cruse relates stories of his dealings with an unusual cast of characters -- a gentle Sudanese, a Harvard-educated Saudi, a Masai guide, an Indonesian shopkeeper, a Kazak official, an Iraqi driver, and many more -- in a way that entertains as well as informs.
Frank Cruse, 52, then allegedly told victim Andrew Graham: "You have killed me.
Property manager and father-of-two Cruse never forgave Andrew for having a fling with Sheila in 1981, a jury were told.