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a strap from the back of a saddle passing under the horse's tail

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First, a stiff heavy collar just on my neck, and a bridle with great side-pieces against my eyes called blinkers, and blinkers indeed they were, for I could not see on either side, but only straight in front of me; next, there was a small saddle with a nasty stiff strap that went right under my tail; that was the crupper. I hated the crupper; to have my long tail doubled up and poked through that strap was almost as bad as the bit.
Even if his black cravat and doeskin gloves, the pistols that filled his holsters, and the valise securely fastened to the crupper behind him had not combined to mark him out as a soldier, the air of unconcern that sat on his face, his regular features (scarred though they were with the smallpox), his determined manner, self-reliant expression, and the way he held his head, all revealed the habits acquired through military discipline, of which a soldier can never quite divest himself, even after he has retired from service into private life.
If the laceration is accompanied by severe preputial edema, the penis and prepuce should be retained within the preputial cavity by using a retainer bottle, nylon netting, or nylon hosiery suspended at the preputial orifice with a crupper and surcingle made of rubber tubing.
Williamstown City Councilman Kim Crupper told the Herald-Leader that the taxes the city's council approved in April were necessary because repairs are needed to upgrade the city's emergency services that cover the park, which include the police and fire department
A Martingale B Crupper C Halter D Noseband QUESTION 14 - for 14 points: Which country has RA as its international vehicle code?
It doesn't hurt to use a breastcollar to keep your saddle from creeping rearward while climbing long, steep slopes, and in some cases a crupper (strap that runs rearward from the saddle and loops around the tail) can keep you from riding your charger's ears if you ever have to Snowy River off a steep ridge.
(58.) Deshmane SP, Parkinson SJ, Crupper SS, Robertson DC, Schulz S, Waldman SA.
To make a horse fling up from behind, the process is repeated at the back of the saddle on the crupper. A few simultaneous touches on the crupper and withers together produce the buck-jumper.
crupper (it was considered an arc centred on point B)
A bridle has a dozen large grass green peridots, with matching peridot-embedded straps and crupper. The equestrian finery was used for tsars' processions.
Freelance writer Carol Crupper, of Lawrence, Kansas, is partial to a Kansas City barbecue favorite: burnt ends.
Venus, in his Judgement of Paris in the Louvre has a tight but broad crupper. His Diane au Bain, also in the Louvre, has the opulent thighs of Tintoretto's Susannah in the Kunsthistorisches Museum, Vienna.
crupper strap--A leather strap with a padded semicircular loop.
The bragging behavior of the subject involved in and of itself already resembles that of a horse: [T]he dear lady [...] whinnies with her eyes, she dilates her nostrils, she wiggles her crupper, she curvets, she suddenly goes into a short dog-trot--And then I stand with my arms folded, following her complacently with my eyes, and considering whether she should be ridden on a bit or a snaffle, whether I should give her an English or a Polish saddle--and so forth--.
While earlier the dogs urinated on her head (an ambiguous reference, as her head would have almost certainly been covered, perhaps another ironic link to Christ's mock coronation), her sleeves, her crupper, and her shoes, this last reference to the woman's apparel completes the synecdoche between the Lady's clothing and her pretension.