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a thick soft cake with a porous texture

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Then, the gentleman who had been at Crockford's all night, and who looked something the worse about the eyes in consequence, came forward to tell his fellow-countrymen what a speech he meant to make in favour of that petition whenever it should be presented, and how desperately he meant to taunt the parliament if they rejected the bill; and to inform them also, that he regretted his honourable friends had not inserted a clause rendering the purchase of muffins and crumpets compulsory upon all classes of the community, which he --opposing all half-measures, and preferring to go the extreme animal-- pledged himself to propose and divide upon, in committee.
And when the petition had been read and was about to be adopted, there came forward the Irish member (who was a young gentleman of ardent temperament,) with such a speech as only an Irish member can make, breathing the true soul and spirit of poetry, and poured forth with such fervour, that it made one warm to look at him; in the course whereof, he told them how he would demand the extension of that great boon to his native country; how he would claim for her equal rights in the muffin laws as in all other laws; and how he yet hoped to see the day when crumpets should be toasted in her lowly cabins, and muffin bells should ring in her rich green valleys.
Located near Burton upon Trent, the Farm has kept the design of the maize maze a closely-guarded secret and this year farm mascot Crumpet the Cow 'flew to the edge of space' to reveal the unique design.
Farm mascot, Crumpet the Cow, is even set to fly into space and unveil the Moon landing maize maze design.
"They've we've taken our local Village Bakery-branded products and we've now gone national on three pancakes, buttermilk, blueberry and chocolate, and two crumpet products, our signature sourdough crumpet and also the award-winning five-grains crumpet.
"They've we've taken our local, Village Bakery branded products and we've now gone national on three pancakes, buttermilk, blueberry and chocolate and two crumpet products, our signature sour dough crumpet and also the award winning five grains crumpet.
Crowle's discontented elf Crumpet -- an unemployed New York City actor who accepts a "full-time elf" position -- is a droll, acerbic observer of his fellow elves, assorted Santas and the harried, often bellicose, sometimes bigoted parents who accompany their children to Macy's Santaland.
Now, Asda is inviting crumpet lovers to add a splash of spookiness with its new range of pumpkin-themed treats.
Crumpet shortage CRUMPETS have become the latest casualty of the carbon dioxide (CO2) shortage which is hitting the UK's food and drink industry.
Crumpet production has been suspended at Warburtons bakeries in London and Burnley, while the BBC reports CO2 supples at the Stockton-on-Tees site are "intermittent".
YULE LOVE IT: Heston's choc pud, popping spread and the crumpet trees
The Sweetspot brand is the latest successful creation from NewLeaf after its Classic Crumpet was snapped up by retailers including Harvey Nichols.
The recent making by Bollywood of the Scarlett story so soon after the tragedy is an absolute disgrace!!A The mentality of the Bollywood moguls behind it seems to be "Ride that media pony, let's strike while the iron is hot and capitalise on the tragic death of this young misguided girl".A In fact I honestly couldn't think of anyone worse to produce the film, I'm glad though it'll be the usual half cocked crumpet that Bollywood likes to serve up, a bit of cheese please, I wonder if there'll be a bit of song and dance to accompany the bad acting and splashing of human pain to go with it....
BEST KNOWN FOR: Being the 'thinking man's crumpet'.