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a Renaissance woodwind with a double reed and a curving tube (crooked horn)

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Nevertheless, it is difficult to resist the temptation to show students a site with reproductions of manuscripts, a sound file of crumhorns, a videotape of The Crucifixion or an image of Foquet's miniature of St.
On the other, it's noted how he, in fact, uses music against its own grain, like the squall of medieval crumhorns in Lancelot du lac or the snippet of Mozart over scenes of domestic chores in Un Condamne a mort s'est echappe.
My office still bristles with crumhorns and things, but I notice that the collection has become more a lending library for my students than an arsenal for my own use.
In his illustrations, Virdung showed one straight cornett along with other fingerholed instruments with various methods of sound production - four crumhorns of different sizes: a bladder-pipe, and three instruments made from natural horn or bone.
Bagpipes, crumhorns, curtails, fiddles, flutes, gitterns, guitars, harp, hurdy gurdies, pipes, recorders, sackbuts, shawms and tabors - these will all be played at a concert being given by the York Waits in St Mary's Church, Warwick, on Tuesday.
The doleful Weary Life has Eliza Carthy on fiddle and supporting vocals, Philip Pickett on crumhorns and Chris Cutler on drums.
They will bring along an array of instruments played in Tudor times - bagpipes, crumhorns, curtal, fiddle, gittern, harp, hurdy gurdy, lute, percussion, pipes, rebec, recorders, renaissance violin, sackbut, shawms, tabors and trumpets.
He remembers walking around, hearing Bach piano, crumhorns, bebop alto saxophone and electronic splurges, all within a few feet of each other.