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Synonyms for crumbly

Synonyms for crumbly

easily broken into small fragments or reduced to powder


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Grana Padano has a crumbly texture to which it owes its name ("grana" meaning "grainy").
The pastry is nice and crumbly with a slight buttery taste and did not disintegrate as you tried to bite into the pie.
PACKED full of very sweet mincemeat, although the pastry was to crumbly and fell apart in my hands.
Set in crumbly sandstone, they are also vulnerable to the rain, wind and waves.
However, the titanium dioxide, which supports the catalytically active vanadium pentoxide, was too crumbly to be reconfigured with the necessary pore changes, he says.
The mother tried to scale down the crumbly cliff-face, but lost her grip and fell.
From crumbly, fudgy caramel enrobed in creamy white chocolate to silky smooth liquid caramel in a milk chocolate shell, House of Dorchester's new Caramel Connoisseur Collection has been carefully made and hand finished by master chocolatiers in the heart of Dorset.
Actor Sean Wilson, best known as Coronation Street's Martin Platt and also a highly respected cheesemaker whose crumbly Lancashire cheese has won one of this year's British Cheese Awards will also be checking out the competition at the festival.
For picnics, prepare a cold pasta salad and add some peas or mange tout, a crumbly tangy cheese such as feta, chopped mint and plenty of olive oil.
A ADRIENNE SAYS: You can compost hedge and grass clippings, shrub prunings, leaves and vegetable waste to make rich, crumbly compost that is full of nutrients.
They are a bit more crumbly and don't have that baked taste of the likes of the McVitie's ones.
Have a nice crunch and a nice oaty sweetness with crumbly texture.
Very crumbly and a little tangy of taste, this was a bit dry for crackers but great for cheese on toast.
Despite being so positive about the security of her marriage, Catherine has a juicy prenuptial agreement with her crumbly husband, Michael Douglas.
Former James Bond star Roger Moore, 71, compared his CBE (crumbly, but engaging) with the OBE (old, bold and eager) given to 58-year-old Tom Jones.