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Synonyms for crumble

Synonyms for crumble

to reduce or become reduced to pieces or components

Synonyms for crumble

break or fall apart into fragments


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For example, Saputo is offering Reduced Fat Crumbled Feta Cheese under its Treasure Cave brand.
Pass the hot custard over the crumbled Christmas pudding and whisk together to mix.
Stuffed pepper with watercress pesto (2) INGREDIENTS: To make the stuffed pepper: 1 yellow pepper, cut in half, seeds and stalk removed; 1tbsp olive oil; 55g/2oz cherry tomatoes, cut in half; 55g/2oz feta cheese, crumbled; salt and freshly ground black pepper.
The chart below shows some basic flavor blends that you can saute before adding your vegan ground round or crumbled veggie burger selection.
Ingredients 4 figs, cut into thin wedges 490g box Waitrose organic 2 frozen pizza bases with passata 100g dolcelatte, crumbled ' x 90g pack Parma ham (3 slices) or essential Waitrose British wafer thin honey roasted ham Handful of rocket.
The Crumbles are flash frozen and crumbled using an innovative proprietary technology providing consumers quality ingredients in convenient sizes.
Recommended for traditional Greek salads or other dishes, including appetizers, it can be crumbled or cubed.
Louis, has added Epic Fat Free Mediterranean Herb Crumbled Feta and Epic Classic Feta in Brine to its Epic Feta cheese line.
This is the opposite of the 'romantic ruin' because the buildings don't fall into ruin after they are built but rather rise into ruin before they are built." (As others have noted, he in turn sounds for all the world like Walter Benjamin in "Paris, Capital of the Nineteenth Century": "In the convulsions of the commodity economy we begin to recognize the monuments of the bourgeoisie as ruins even before they have crumbled.") At another point he says: "I am convinced that the future is lost somewhere in the dumps of the non-historical past; it is in yesterday's newspapers, in the jejune advertisements of science-fiction movies, in the false mirror of our rejected dreams.