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Synonyms for crumb

Synonyms for crumb

Synonyms for crumb

a very small quantity of something

a person who is deemed to be despicable or contemptible

coat with bread crumbs

break into crumbs

remove crumbs from

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The brief against Crumb is both specific to his famous idiosyncrasies and generally familiar to our modern culture of outrage archeology.
"I was honored to represent Thy Kingdom Crumb in finding a new location in Cherry Hill to help expand their incredible mission.
Water and flour are the most significant ingredients which may affect considerably the texture and crumb properties [1].
The maximum reduction was 46% for the replacement of 25% of fine aggregate by crumb rubber in plain concrete.
In the world of emerging torts, crumb rubber has moved into the top echelon of potential new sources of claims.
The rubber crumb, which is made from recycled car tyres, has been linked to cancer clusters.
In the view of these facts, the present project was carried out to determine the outcome of extrusion cooking temperature on the properties and acceptability of bread crumb prepared by oven baking and extrusion cooking method.
"I am extraordinarily pleased to announce the appointment of Douglas Crumb to the role of President of Xhale," said Richard R.
The gluten-free crumb coated range comprises of nine retail products--Crumbed Beef Escalopes, Beef and Pork Crumbed Snack Pieces, Arancini and Mini Arancini (both with a meat and cheese sauce), Chicken Fillets with potatoes, Chicken Cordon Blue, Crumbed Rice Escalope with a meat sauce.
During his tenure, Crumb has been responsible for overseeing capital projects planning for various water and wastewater expansions and the expansion of the distribution and collection systems from approximately 2,000 miles of pipe in 1983 to over 3,500 miles of pipe each in 2014.
Top with 2 table spoons of cookie crumbs, then 2 table spoons of chocolate sauce.