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small friedcake formed into twisted strips and fried


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It turns out I've just walked in a circle, though, and am now back at Tony's Donuts where he is cooking up some crullers with icing.
And when can you plan to stop there for a sugary cruller? Mid- to late August, we're told.
Recipe-wise, churros are essentially very similar to the cruller doughnuts we made here in the summer, a simple deep-fried choux pastry, but here they are made even better by rolling in cinnamon-laced sugar and dipping them messily into the exquisite hot chocolate.
They may grab a Grebe's Bakery cruller brought in from Milwaukee or one of Woodland Market's signature made-from-scratch muffins from the bakery department.
Price was incredible at P90 per bowl, P100 with the crispy cruller.
Their signature cruller is far better though: a French choux pastry doughnut, dusted with cinnamon sugar like a mutant churro begging to be dunked in that hot chocolate.
He donned his Scout uniform in the bathroom so as not to wake Aimee, left the house at six, and repaired to Dunkin' Donuts for a coffee, cruller, and scan of the morning paper.
He will allow the pastor to wrap an arm around his shoulder and lead him to coffee and crullers. But to be him
And precisely because "life is nothing" (193), the Leng sisters are able to console themselves with hot chocolate and "churros" (the Spanish-type crullers) (194).
Maria Crullers [...] trof Willem door de romigheid van haar huid en het schelle blond van haar kroezende haren; [...] dat zij zich ook elders liet afromen hinderde hem niet, waar hij in deze tijd niets zozeer op prijs stelde als gemak en kortheid in de voorspelen.
And Will, as is the custom, steps outside in his nightshirt and offers everyone apples and coffee and crullers. Perhaps there's even a jug of corn liquor that the men will pass around in the shadows.
I would suggest a special tax on coffee and crullers.
"Yeah." His eyes rolled, like little glazed crullers.
To the sugar-encrusted crullers and bear-claws and maple bars my children fly like arrows, and soon they, too, are sugar-encrusted, and reaching for seconds and accidentally eating parts of their napkins and chasing other children through the thicket of their parents' legs.
Oetker were six bite-size frozen bakery items: 20-count Berliners (jelly doughnuts) with raspberry jam, 20-count Berliners with apricot jam, 12-count Spritzkuchen (crullers), 10-count Apfeltaschen (apple turnovers), 20-count Krapen (doughnuts) with sultanas, and 10-count Amerikaners (round pastries frosted on one side: not something an American would recognize, despite the name).