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bottle that holds wine or oil or vinegar for the table


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First the clear-glass water cruet, its single handle arched like half a hand-drawn heart, filled from the kitchen tap.
The kinds of contrasts that DeWeese creates in his pots are even more evident in his Oil Cruet which has both the brown tones of the clay and a white glaze that cascades from the top of the pot downward.
Hallmarked silver cruet frames provide essential clues about the notoriously problematic dating of eighteenth-century cut glass, as Andy McConnell explains in the second part of his revisionary study of the earliest datable examples.
Cruets were to be filled to the neck, incense respectfully removed from the boat and properly lit in the thurible, hand towel clean and folded over the left arm.
"In a field kit, you would have a chalice, patten, cruets, candles, hosts, linens, holy oil, probably augmented with plasticized liturgies," he said.
Christmas said the company promised me cruets to return to continue the discussions if the chiefs would give their consent and allow the permits to be issued, but the chiefs responded by saying they couldn't agree to just trust them, given the history of the Mi'kmaq people in dealing with outsiders.
There's an old-fashioned sewing machine, trays of silver tea-services, sideboard, cruets, ewers, aspidistra-type plants in giant pots, old framed pictures, round-backed chairs and an air that everything's all right with the world.
Glowacki of West Chester (Pa.) University asked whether some other use of crystal, such as vinegar stored in crystal cruets, might add lead to children's diets.
Similarly, don't store vinegar-based dressings in lead crystal cruets. Unless you're pregnant, drinking from a lead crystal goblet isn't a problem-- only tiny amounts of lead would be released during the short time that the wine is in the glass.
Admittedly, the problem inheres in the text, but Peter Hall makes no effort to solve it; he simply gives us the two cruets, one of oil and one of vinegar.
Maybe they had a bad experience, when a boyfriend endlessly patronised them by trying to demonstrate the offside rule with cruets, or have simply never got close enough to feel the racing heart and sweating palms so miserably familiar to every fan.
411Colorful Italian Ceramics From INTRADAINTRADA's "Majolica Oil Bottles" feature majolica ceramic cruets in bold Italian style and colors with different names and vegetable designs on each.
The chamber sticks were good sellers at pounds 300 plus each a George III lidded jug at pounds 485, candlesticks, boxes, cruets sets and more all attacking interest.
Choosing such items as salt and pepper mills, candle holders, oil and vinegar cruets, water jugs and champagne coolers, McKee and Thoma were hoping to add to the Spanish cuisine and Gaudi-inspired decor of Solera, which opened this month.