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Synonyms for cruelness

the quality of being cruel and causing tension or annoyance

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cruelness of Compton-at here," Galley hill and We has b"It is dreadful when a burglary takes placebut for it to be close to Christmas maximises the impact of it.
The blunt, cruelness of social media, the violence of video games, the parents not being able to say that the disturbing scenes on the Six O'clock news are make-believe, the pressure to look a certain way, to have to face bullies on their computers in the privacy of their bedrooms, all of these are to blame, as well as, for some, a genetic predisposition, or bad parenting.
Stephen knew he was dying but, rather than spend his last months raging against the cruelness of fate, he went flat out to raise money for charity.
In all such cases, the bitter irony of the situation is a cruelness designed to exact maximum effect on the audience, insofar as these situations undermine our expectations and challenge our most sacred beliefs.
27, Nijaifi condemned in strong words the ugly criminal explosions that afflicted the citizens in various parts of Baghdad and the provinces, which reflect the savageness and cruelness of those who carried such attacks.