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Cruelly as they have been trampled on, my feelings are too sensitive to allow me to do this.
Only it seems to me that life would be a cruelly selfish thing if we who are so much more fortunate than many of our fellow creatures did not sometimes try to help them a little through their misery.
If any of the village children were known to treat any creature cruelly they soon heard about it from the Hall.
why do you thus so cruelly connive at the projected Misery of her and of yourself by delaying to communicate that scheme which had doubtless long possessed your imagination?
For the rest of the term he tormented Philip cruelly, and, though Philip tried to keep out of his way, the school was so small that it was impossible; he tried being friendly and jolly with him; he abased himself, so far as to buy him a knife; but though Singer took the knife he was not placated.
They're a little bit too large and too mild -- like a cow's," said Phil cruelly.
Some had been cruelly wounded, and kept up a moaning and groaning.
I had lingered long near the dwelling where I had been so cruelly changed to what I am, as we do while any that we love or hate remain.
In the end, Solondz may have thrown a cruelly hilarious tantrum at the people who think he's just a nasty, nasty man, but in the process he acknowledges that anyone who dares to tell a story better know precisely what they think they're doing.
This freak accident, for which no one is to blame, has cruelly robbed us of a daughter whose beauty, wit and vitality lit our life with joy.
JOAN Collins' daughter Katie has been cruelly lured into a sordid world of bondage sex orgies by a perverted star of smash-hit TV cop show The Bill.
As the film opens, you may feel you're watching the Downer Channel: Charlie (Gavin Fink) must contend with a miserable home life - his mother Denise (Stacy Edwards, in a role considerably softer than ``In the Company of Men'') and father have split up, and his brother Ryan (Robert Clark) is cruelly indifferent.
I AM furious at the way Camelot has treated the Totts by not only refusing to pay them their pounds 3million lottery win, but by cruelly keeping them hanging on in suspense for 45 days.
It will be the first game Petrov has watched since the horror injury which cruelly ended his season last month.
By all accounts, the youth who opened fire at Santana High School was constantly and cruelly teased by fellow students.