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Cruelly as they have been trampled on, my feelings are too sensitive to allow me to do this.
He thought Almighty God had dealt cruelly and unjustly with him; and felt, somehow, that he was paying Him back in kind when he stabbed thus into his wife's soul.
Only it seems to me that life would be a cruelly selfish thing if we who are so much more fortunate than many of our fellow creatures did not sometimes try to help them a little through their misery.
I could now see that I had been trebly in the wrong--wrong in hastily and cruelly suspecting an innocent woman; wrong in communicating my suspicions (without an attempt to verify them previously) to another person; wrong in accepting the flighty inferences and conclusions of Miserrimus Dexter as if they had been solid truths.
If any of the village children were known to treat any creature cruelly they soon heard about it from the Hall.
why do you thus so cruelly connive at the projected Misery of her and of yourself by delaying to communicate that scheme which had doubtless long possessed your imagination?
For the rest of the term he tormented Philip cruelly, and, though Philip tried to keep out of his way, the school was so small that it was impossible; he tried being friendly and jolly with him; he abased himself, so far as to buy him a knife; but though Singer took the knife he was not placated.
"They're a little bit too large and too mild -- like a cow's," said Phil cruelly.
Some had been cruelly wounded, and kept up a moaning and groaning.
I had lingered long near the dwelling where I had been so cruelly changed to what I am, as we do while any that we love or hate remain.
Sheep industry leaders have praised a decision to ban "misleading advertising" that suggested wool is cruelly obtained from sheep.
It saddens that cruelly taken away Lindsay children, and Her body was found in Accrington Cemetery on August 24, and a murder inquiry was launched.
Sir Elton said the decision showed the "cruelly unaccepting" face of homophobia.
ISLAMABAD -- Islamabad Wildlife Management Board (IWMB) known for saving hapless animals that are treated cruelly, kept in custody, and paraded in miserable conditions in public places of Islamabad, recently saved a Black Asian bear.
Many knew had deliberately cruelly Jagdeesh "Had we not pressed and pushed as a family, Surjit would today still only be an empty case, with no leads, no evidence, nothing.