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Synonyms for crudity

Synonyms for crudity

an impolite manner that is vulgar and lacking tact or refinement

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There are instructions all over the internet, and the crudity, positioning, and relative ineffectiveness of these does not suggest that a more sophisticated group played any role in this.
Concerns of military action against Syria would most certainly add more crudity to an already ablaze and never settling Middle East, which would eventually result in much higher oil and precious metal prices and impact an already frail global economy.
The third edition in the wildly popular series delivers the expected brand of comedy high jinks, outrageous crudity and over-the-top laugh-out-loud moments, though this time the gang's antics are balanced with a darker tone.
The writer-director orchestrates some hilarious interludes courtesy of the supporting characters, such as Danny's best man's speech that lurches from political incorrectness to crudity, and an unfortunate set of holiday snaps.
There are some (like the writer of this review) who have long believed that the public services weren't really good enough, and others (like the contributors to this volume) who think that the public services at least used to be very good, but there can be little doubt that, good, bad, or indifferent, the public services have been made catastrophically worse by the intervention of politicians intoxicated by the sheer crudity of their own rhetoric.
Mary was the scourge of the BBC and ITV, the clean-up crusader who condemned crudity and nudity.
Lund's single-issue screenplay is not exactly "Knocked Up" for the arthouse set, but like that pic, it has its share of male crudity and uninhibited moments.
As soon as I get here I forget war and crudity, but enjoy flowers in this shop," Shafiqullah murmured.
I'm sure you've heard the crudity about likening opinions to a certain anatomical feature that every human body is equipped with.
Gratuitous sexual crudity, female objectification, and fanservice may make this book a hard sell to parents and librarians, but boys who think like the hyper-horny Dover will eat it up.
He has the same fondness for drag and crudity as Messrs Walliams and Lucas, and some of the outrageous caricatures are spot on.
There's a sort of go-kart-like feel to this VW, without the implication of crudity - it literally goes where it is pointed without vice or malice.
There's a sort of go-kart like feel to this VW without the implication of crudity - it literally goes where it is pointed without vice or malice.
A billion plus people could not conjure up the guts to stand up to that creeping crudity of society and for the harassed artist.
In cahoots with the comedian Russell Brand (who at least had the decency to quit on the spot), he harangued and insulted a gentle old man in a withering display of bullying, crudity and cruelty.