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characterized by obscenity

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Farber wrenches nouns into verbs (Hawks, he writes, "landscapes action"), and sustains strings of divergent, perhaps irreconcilable adjectives such that praise can seem inseparable from censure--Touch of Evil, he writes, is "basically the best movie of Welles's cruddy middle peak period." Farber arrives at a kind of backdoor poetry: not lyrical, or routinely poetic, but startling and original.
It's such a cruddy prop--cruddy, do you say that word?--but I keep it because she's my buddy!
Mileski, who keeps in touch with Lenk, said she earned her success by playing "(cruddy) gigs" and waiting restaurant tables along the way.
The first patch, of course, was pretty cruddy, but after one or two more, things brightened up considerably.
Combining archive and live-action footage (shot mostly on a Mediterranean cruise in colorful HD or with a cruddy camera phone), the film delves into WWII's horrors, the Israel-Palestine conflict, geometry's origins and the sustainability of modern Europe, among other sociopolitical themes.
EXO is also available for shotguns and would be perfect for a Remington 1100, notorious for slowing down and eventually malfunctioning as it gets cruddy. Upgrading the parts to EXO would eliminate that problem.
I used to think maybe it wouldn't come true because I've had some pretty cruddy cross country seasons.
"I HEAR your voice and I ter to go to pieces," wannabe businessman Justi told Peter Jones in Tycoon (ITV1, Tuesday) - another cruddy copycat show which, like Fortune: Million Pound Giveaway, owes its existence to BBC2's Dragons Den.
"As Lilli," Kael wrote, "one of three backup singers for a touring Elvis imitator, Judy Davis is contemptuous of the cruddy act, contemptuous of herself.
In this rarefied atmosphere and company, would you, dear selective and cerebral reader, lash out 70 big ones on a Honda, no matter how good, with cruddy interior, when for 10 grand less you can get a 911 Carrera 2?
In those days you could tell the cool from the cruddy, the nerds from the new wavers and the frumps from the fashionable.
Think about all the rusted screws, hardened cruddy action parts and formerly-articulating pieces you've cursed and sweated over--or busted trying to muscle them into movement--and then get on the Kroil bandwagon!
Original footage looks almost deliberately cruddy, as if shaky camerawork were a badge of authenticity.