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Synonyms for cruddy

characterized by obscenity

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Customers who trade in boots or submit photos online will be entered into the Cruddy Kicker Challenge on Facebook for a chance to win a pair of Twisted X Boots, valued at $300.
The issues at this level surpass themes of cruddy cafeterias, as students are required to conduct more in-depth research, and creative and critical thinking.
They have decided farm work does not pay well and that puss and pooch pay better with more civilised hours; so they are combing through their client lists and if your cruddy little farm does not generate enough fees for the practice, then you're off the books, lad.
Part sculptural installation and part nautical cabinet of wonder, the ship in question was constructed on-site from found materials scavenged from around Chicago (two-by-fours, tiles, shingles, shutters, broomsticks, furniture pieces, a chandelier, and so forth), effectively replicating in 3-D the cruddy bric-a-brac depicted in his paintings.
So, if it's so obviously practical to manufacture trigger mechanisms that are clean and precise as the aftermarket guys are making, why have so many hunting rifles been produced for so long with such cruddy triggers to begin with?
Back in the pattern on a cruddy day, rain and mist obscured the visible world, but the screen clearly painted details in black and white wherever it looked.
Within today's smooth cement snobbery, never forget your cruddy asphalt roots.
In Down By the Sea (all works 2005), a tiny camera trained on a bare light bulb, a fan, and a cruddy piece of blue Styrofoam feeds an image evoking a marine horizon onto an adjacent monitor screen, while 15 hrs v.
That's when the helo began to do a cruddy low-rider impression.
Mule: "Well, we wanted to give equal eye cruddy to the ladies.
Also, it would be nice if water filters could be recycled as you suggest, but I am not going to drink cruddy tap water.
Need to replace that old, cruddy shower door but afraid yon don't have the proper skills or tools?
I challenge the individuals Interested in picking out dress and appearance infractions in a photograph of someone far from home in a cruddy location to feel free to get a trip on the next rotator and come over for their part in our never-ending global mission to defend freedom
Such as cruddy barrels, poor bottling practices or general lack of sanitation in the winery?
Pilcher graphs this sad decline through close readings of Cantinflas' bad last movies as well as his canonical early comedies, making this one of those rare texts in cinema studies to take cruddy cinema seriously without making unsupportable aesthetic claims for it.