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shaped like a cross


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It is a contemporary cruciform structure of concrete with twin bell towers dating back to the prewar period.
This is one of a few sites around the world to have a cruciform stupa, which were reserved for Buddha himself, he said, adding that the Maha Pari Nirvana statue measures 14 metres in length, making it the largest ever statue of its kind found in the archaeological history of the greater Gandhara civilisation.
His brain MRI showed atrophy of pons, medulla and cerebellum, and high signals in pons and middle cerebellar peduncle with cruciform pontine hyperintensity (hot cross bun sign) on axial T2W image (Figure-1).
On the contrary, plain cruciform sections, as shown in Figure 2, are typically fabricated from two symmetric rectangular plates welded in the form of a cross.
Atlas WLCSP test contactors achieve mechanical reliability with a rigid "cruciform" tip.
Orleans, Val de Loire, France, provides an excellent model, in a town one-third the size of Cardiff, with two lines, vaguely cruciform in alignment.
When applying the structural stress method, FAT 100 may be used for weld toes in all butt welds, while FAT 90 may be used for weld toes in cruciform joints.
Sprinkle then turns to the "attacker at the door" scenario, the first of many common questions and objections to which he devotes two chapters of response before concluding with a meditation on martyrdom as the ultimate "cruciform victory" (257).
Dall wants the end project to be perfect - from the finish of his mirrored cruciform steel columns, to how the floor tiles line up with the dining room table, and is willing to spend whatever it takes to achieve his vision.
The most famous Chalcolithic (copper age) artefacts are undoubtedly the picrolite cruciform figurines.
The aircraft comfortably seats nine passengers and features a cruciform tail and all metal fuselage.
He added that it is one of the very few sites to have a cruciform Stupa, a Stupa that was usually reserved for Buddha himself.
Understanding the reign of God as "cruciform" is the most creative part of the book.
Traditionally, on this day clergymen consecrate the water in churches and temples; the water is also consecrated in special cruciform ice-holes on reservoirs.