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shaped like a cross


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His brain MRI showed atrophy of pons, medulla and cerebellum, and high signals in pons and middle cerebellar peduncle with cruciform pontine hyperintensity (hot cross bun sign) on axial T2W image (Figure-1).
Corresponding to these two issues, the experimental techniques of biaxial tension are first investigated in the present paper, including design of biaxial tension system and optimization of cruciform specimen.
He said that this discovery has made from a Cruciform stupa with chapels on its eastern side facing towards west.
the ecclesia crucis becomes the locus--the space--in which communities of practice arise by designing opportunities for learning through a cruciform catechesis" (75).
The latest in this ongoing series of collections from the Oxford School of Archaeology includes several narrowly focused papers, concentrating on specific items, such as a gold band inscribed with a biblical text, cruciform brooches and Middle Saxon worked bone items.
The European Commission had to carry out a massive decontamination of the Berlaymont (a cruciform building constructed in the 1960s, where the majority of the institution's civil servants work) between 1995 and 1999.
The greater value of the book, however, is seen in how the prophetic integrity of his life and his commitment to cruciform witness surfaced again and again.
lA): pronotum longer than head; with four shallow furrows; lateral angle of pronotal collar poorly developed and brownish; mesonotum light brownish, with submedian sigilla dark brown well-defined and comma-shaped; the lateral sigilla light brown; a transverse, irregular-shaped stripe and two small black punctiform marks, above the cruciform elevation; cruciform elevation not very long, flattened and with the back apites short, rounded and close together (Fig.
It was a very ungainly looking arm with a two-piece stock that left the massive, square receiver exposed, an oddly shaped bolt handle, a rather lengthy barrel and it mounted a long, brass-hilled cruciform bayonet (affectionately known to the French Poilu as "Rosalie," while German soldiers referred to it as the "knitting needle").
banned these buns from schools on the grounds that their cruciform symbolism might offend non-Christians
The absorbent assembly may be attached in a cruciform pattern to the chassis to allow portions of the chassis to extend laterally.
taped down like wrists in cruciform like wrists to a bed it is when
Using a fork lift truck or cruciform attached to an electric hoist, an operator positions the bag on the discharge frame above the pyramid shaped cutter.
The cruciform temple has four entrances leading to the ruins of a fireplace embellished with unique stucco designs.