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Synonyms for crucifixion

the act of executing by a method widespread in the ancient world

the infliction of extremely painful punishment or suffering


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If this great Teacher of theirs could have seen Himself after the Crucifixion, how could He have consented to mount the Cross and to die as He did?
Alex Larang, 61 and Willie Salvador, 57, volunteered to undergo the crucifixion rite in Barangay (village) San Juan while Danilo Ramos, 46, Fernando Mamangun, 47, and Melchor Montoya, 45, subjected themselves to the same rite in nearby Barangay Sta.
In Marc Chagall's version of the crucifixion, Jesus dies as a Jew with his head respectfully covered and a prayer shawl wrapped around his loins.
Good Friday is observed before Easter Sunday as a religious day on which Christians commemorate the crucifixion of Jesus Christ and his death.
In May 1915, the New York Times broke a story about the alleged crucifixion of a Canadian officer in France by German soldiers.
City of San Fernando, Pampanga - One of the men who for 36 years had been cast as Jesus in the annual re-enactment of the crucifixion of Christ has decided to move his "stage" far from the crowds at Barangay San Pedro Cutud in this city to Itogon town in Benguet.
Defining crucifixion as execution by suspension but excluding impalement and hanging, Cook explores the practice in the Roman world between the Second Punic war, when the first historical crucifixions appear in Roman texts, to its end under Constantine.
Orthodox Christians are marking Good Friday, the day that commemorates the death of Jesus Christ by crucifixion.
It is the day observed in commemoration of Jesus Christ's crucifixion, which plays an important part in the Christian faith.
London, Apr 3 ( ANI ): A new analysis of the Shroud of Turin suggests that whoever created it thought crucifixion involved the hands being nailed above the head.
Killing Jesus: The Unknown Conspiracy Behind the World's Most Famous Execution provides a powerful analysis of the crucifixion of Jesus and documents the political and spiritual myths surrounding the event.
AN exhibition of a rare masterpiece depicting the Crucifixion will begin this weekend.
Abstract: Recent scholarship on John Milton argues that Milton rejected the popular Reformation understanding of Christ's atonement, the penal-substitutionary theory of atonement, and that Milton was uncomfortable with the Crucifixion of Jesus as God's means of human salvation.
Roman Catholic Patriarch Fouad Twal led the faithful in prayer at the traditional site of Jesus' crucifixion, burial and resurrection, which is considered one of Christianity's most sacred sites.
HUNDREDS of Christians streamed through the cobblestone alleyways of Jerusalem's Old City, hoisting wooden crosses and chanting prayers to mark the crucifixion of Jesus.