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of or relating to or belonging to the plant family Cruciferae

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High intake of cruciferous vegetables has been associated with a lower risk of developing cancers of the bladder, breast, colon, endometrium, stomach, lungs, ovaries, pancreas, prostate, and kidneys.
The findings, led by researchers from Georgetown University, showed that intake of cruciferous vegetables and soy foods were associated with fewer reports of menopausal symptoms.
Most of them also consume cruciferous vegetables and soy foods, making it difficult to see a significant effect in this subgroup.
Some of these compounds include organosulfur compounds (found in cruciferous vegetables).
Researchers in Melbourne, Australia claim that sulforaphane, which occurs naturally in broccoli and other cruciferous vegetables, may help protect against respiratory inflammation that can cause the condition.
Cabbage, the main ingredient in coleslaw, is a cruciferous vegetable.
But once you start learning about the health benefits of cauliflower and all its cruciferous plant family members, you will give this veggie its due respect.
ISLAMABAD -- The health benefits associated with eating broccoli or other cruciferous vegetables cannot be obtained via supplements, new research has found.
There's a chemical in broccoli--and other cruciferous vegetables like arugula, cauliflower, and cabbage--that fights cancer if you eat enough of it often enough.
In the study, total dietary fiber intake was associated with a significant 15-20 percent lower risk of RCC, while intakes of legumes, whole grains, and cruciferous vegetables were also associated with a 16-18 percent reduced risk of RCC.
New research from the Baylor College of Medicine in the USA has provided intriguing new evidence that sulforaphane, a dietary isothiocyanate found in cruciferous vegetables, may be of use in treating ALL.
AZAD THAKUR-Host Plants Alter the Reproductive Behavior of Pieris brassicae (Lepidoptera: Pieridae) and Its Solitary Larval Endo-Parasitoid, Hyposoter ebeninus (Hymenoptera: Ichneumonidae) in a Cruciferous Ecosystem.
Eat lots of cruciferous vegetables such as broccoli, cabbage, sprouts, cauliflower, kale, and pak choi, as well as carrots and beetroot.
A traditional English diet high in fried foods, beans, red meats, savory pies and cruciferous vegetables was associated with lower hip bone mineral density.
Cauliflower, a cruciferous vegetable, is in the same plant family as broccoli, kale, cabbage, and collards.