crucible steel

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steel made by the mixture of molten wrought iron, charcoal, and other substances in a crucible

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Huntsman''s crucible steel was also ideal for both the blades and the springs of pocket knives and other highly specialised instruments such as surgical knives and cut-throat razors.
Bethlehem Steel tried to develop a similar process, but finally gave up in 1925 and got out of the disc blade business, although Crucible Steel, with its LaBelle and Fieldmaster Slow-Tempered disc blades, remained a strong competitor.
In the 11th century, the Russians blocked the trade route, and the supply of crucible steel ended.
Technological innovation from crucible steel to the development of specialty steels from the 1850s onwards is explored in great detail and is explained in a way that appeals to both technical and non-technical readers.
Having now completed seven full seasons on site, the Merv Project has come up with extraordinary and unexpected finds, including one that shook the world of archaeometallurgy when the team uncovered the earliest-known Islamic crucible steel foundry.
By 1865, the company had provided the necessary 1,600 tons of crucible steel wire for the project, delivered within a tight 12 months.
Says Crucible Steel's Harry O'Brien, tool-steel marketing manager, "We offer the CPM (Crucible Particle Metallurgy) product as the solution to tooling problems-primarily wear and edge-chipping, along with toughness, in some cases."
Here's what the author of "Accounting in Management" (Joel Hunter, president of the Crucible Steel Company of America and a former partner of Haskins & Sells) said about the "sudden growth of electronic data-handling machines":
An AFS member, he also worked with Crucible Steel Castings, Cleveland; Larson Foundry, Grafton, Ohio; Consolidated Foundries and Manufacturing and Adirondak Steel Castings, Watervliet, New York.
A member of the Steel Founders' Society of America and a 60-year member of AFS, he also worked with Swedish Crucible Steel Co., Larson Steel, Monroe Steel Foundry, Bucyrus, and CE Cast Industrial Products.
The company, which also trades as Taylorsteel and Crucible Steel, has eight sites in the West Midlands, the north of England and Ireland.
Before the Civil War, the nascent crucible steel industry in the United States provided little competition to the Sheffielders.