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shaped like a cross


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Former Wicklow boss Magee (inset) suffered a cruciate injury in 2002 but revealed that played on for years without surgery and reckons Brogan should consider doing likewise.
Watmore suffered his second cruciate injury in less than 12 months at home to Millwall in November.
The anterior cruciate ligament is the most commonly disrupted ligament in the knee in high-performance athletes.
BRIAN replies: Two cruciate ligaments stabilise the stifle - knee - joint and cross over between the thigh bone and shin bone.
25) Several associated conditions have been found to occur in patients with CSF, including, hypoplastic lateral condyle, hypoplastic patella, genu valgum, coxa vara, acetabular dysplasia, and absence of the cruciate ligaments.
Anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) injury is a common athletic injury and one of the most commonly treated conditions of the knee.
According to the company, NOCITA (bupivacaine liposome injectable suspension) is a local post-operative analgesia for cranial cruciate ligament surgery in dogs.
1) Intra-articular ganglia involving the cruciate ligaments of the knee are relatively uncommon.
Last November he tore his cranial cruciate ligament and surgery was performed on Dec.
IMAGING FINDINGS: PDW fat suppressed and FSE image show diffuse increased signal along the entire course of anterior cruciate ligament.
Posteriorly, the capsule consists of vertical fibres arising from the femoral condyles, and is situated around the cruciate ligaments, excluding them from the joint cavity.
The 24-year-old suffered cruciate knee ligament damage in Monday's 4-1 FA Cup fourth-round win at Rochdale, after scoring the opener.
Anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) is an anatomic structure designed to stabilize different freedom degrees of the movement by knee joints [3, 4].