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Synonyms for cruciality

a state of critical urgency

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Many entrepreneurs either ignore intentionally or non-intentionally about the cruciality of taxation.
The cruciality of the proposed approach is to calculate the gradient of the objective function using the gradient definition.
In addition, students should be taught about the prevalence of sexual harassment against women in society, different ways to prevent it and the cruciality of consent.
Addressing Member States on preparations for the World Humanitarian Summit that is scheduled to be held in Istanbul this month, Ban stressed the cruciality of dialogue and cooperation with Member States for the success and follow-up of this first-time Summit, placing the human plight and the humanitarian imperative in the center.
Developed nations, understanding the cruciality of the said issue, strive and spend billions of dollars to equip their healthcare systems by facilitating research and development to come up with latest and effective therapies, they added.
Cruciality: By construction, [D.sub.n,k]n is clearly an abelian k-th power.
(1990) Jesus Christ and Mission: The Cruciality of Christology, Missiology: An International Review, Vol XVIII, No.